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Introducing the Gunner Armor Machine Gunner Vest Package is designed to replicate soft body armor vests while offering full MOLLE utility...and it comes standard with an assortment of pouches that will keep you in the fight all day long!

This vest package is designed for players who use the RAP4 Box Magazine, or play with old school hoppers instead of modern paintball magazines, so they can carry four full-size paintball tubes at the ready...and arrange them on the vest right where they want them! The MOLLE attachment points let you put those pouches where you like them to spread the weight evenly around; you can put them upside down or right side up according to your preference, and attach the Combat Lifesaver Pouch right where you want it so it can carry your medical kit or serve as a dump pouch for spare magazines.

You'll even stay hydrated all day long thanks to the Camel Pack hydration system that attaches conveniently to the back of the Gunner Armor Machine Gunner Vest...and is covered with more MOLLE attachment loops so you can add even more pod pouches or other pouches to adapt this vest to changing mission requirements.

When you need to carry the most paint possible, in a comfortable and ergonomic way, the Gunner Armor Machine Gunner Vest Package lets you get into the action with everything you need right there at the ready.

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