Tokyo Marui & KJ Works Glock Series Laser Cut Mag Shims

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After a long wait laser cut magazine shims are now availble for the
popular Tokyo Marui & KJ Works Glocks.

LPE Magazine shims are one of the simplest and cheapest upgrades available
for 'gas in mag' guns on the market today. Magazine shims are placed under
the gas router on the top of GBB & NBB magazines to push the rubber seal
up so it forms a better seal with the loading nozzle which can give some
of the following improvements in performance :-

Better gas efficiency
Improved shot-to-shot fps consistency
Increase in power/fps
Increase in felt recoil

Installation is generally very easy and reversible requiring no
modifications to the gun or magazines, in most cases only requiring the
feed lips removing and a single shim being placed under the gas router.
Please note that more pressure on the feed lips will be required in some
cases to reinstall retaining pins and care should be taken not to damage
the pins or feed lips themselves.

Laser cut in the United Kingdom from engineering grade plastics.

Trade and wholesale prices available for distributors and retailers,
please contact for a trade price list.


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