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Real Action Paintball is proud to bring you the toughest marker in paintball: the new 468. We see how hard elite military units train with our gear; we're there with you at Oklahoma D-Day, Operation: End War, and at other dusty, rocky, intense scenario games. We built the new 468 to handle that level of training and playing, on those intense battlefields, with ease...and it is not lightly that we claim the 468 as the toughest marker in paintball.

Check out our all-new videos straight from our research and development department that show some extraordinary tests endured with grace by the 468. In our first installment, RAP4 senior designer Omar Macy goes for a ride down a dusty mountain road in the back of an SUV...

...and chucks a brand new 468 right out the back at full speed. Then it gets worse.

Try not to cringe.

Because next, he drives over the 468, crushing it under the tires, driving it into the dirt and gravel. It has a full tank attached; it has normal 468 handguards. How did it fare through all that?

Omar jumps out, jacks a magazine into the receiver, and pulls the trigger. You'll have to watch the video to see what happens next--it's remarkable, and underscores the point that the 468 is tough.

Really tough.

Tough enough for mil-sim team Savoy 6; tough enough for our torture tests; tough enough for the military and police tactical units already testing prototypes.

Each 468 features industry-leading ergonomics, attention to detail, and style. Each 468 is an exact likeness of the M4/M16 family of arms, designed to accept a host of mil-spec parts and accessories as it reproduces the exact look, feel, controls, and handling characteristics of a duty-issue combat rifle. They're even magazine-fed, and feature your choice of air-through collapsible stocks that work with remote lines or collapsible stocks that conceal onboard air sources--like a 4oz CO2 cartridge or a 13ci HPA tank.

Omar designed the 468 to capture the spirit of the M4/M16 arms, so that you can feel the excitement of playing with the most realistic--and durable--marker in paintball...and so our military and police customers can train with exact reproductions of their duty gear. The new 468 takes that mission to the next level of authenticity, and as our new torture test videos show, the 468 delivers unrivaled reliability for extreme duty. That's as real as it gets!

Real Action Paintball--As Real as it Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/torture-test-a-725.html

7700 Arroyo Circle
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: 408-434-0434
Fax: 408-434-0334
Web: www.rap4.com


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