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So you’re playing cqb and you’re in a tight corridor. You know there are guys dug in around the corner. Options? Rush it and hope for the best? or make the smart move and pyrotechnic it? You make the smart move and go for your pyrotechnics. You strike the top, alerting the targets of incoming pyro, and throw straight away, as site rules don’t allow you to cook pyrotechnics. The intended targets leg it into cover. BOOM! You rush the corner just after it explodes into a wall of fire. Damn! If only that grenade would of exploded straight away and the targets didn’t have time to run off. Maybe it’s time you looked in to getting one of the now many, solid state grenades available in the UK market. I did just that the other week. After looking at all the different options (Dynatec, swat, police training grenades ect), I decided to get the Ohshiboom (OSB from now on) from Mad Badger Airsoft and the following are my initial thoughts on it.

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