Basic Airsoft Rules To Be Followed

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Airsoft has been a popular gaming option among most of the people over the past years mainly due to its adventurous nature, attractive features and easy gaming rules. While airsoft games mean lots of funs and enjoyments, it also involves huge risks. In fact, there are possibilities of a player getting seriously injured or even death during the games. Therefore, it is important to be thoroughly aware of all the rules and regulations before you participate in an airsoft game. Here are some of the key rules; take a quick look -

· Age requirement – In case you are under 14, it is mandatory for one of your parents to play with you, and not only be present at the field. The parents, too, are supposed to play like other participants and they can take the guns, which are available for rent. Players, above 14 and below 18, must have one of their parents signed waiver. In case you have already registered once, you don't need to do it again, because the registered waivers are kept on file. And finally, if you are above 18, you are considered as n adult and therefore you are supposed to take all your responsibility and you have to sign your own waiver.

· Eye Protection – All the organizations, arranging these games maintain strict rules regarding eye protection. This is one of the most important rules to be followed while playing or firing on the field. The goggles that are to be worn during play, are full sealed and if it doesn't provide complete protection to your eyes, the authority might disapprove your candidature.

· General Field Rules – There are certain specific rules that should be maintained while playing these games. These include

1. No talking during the announcement of the rules or game briefings. If you have any questions, you need to raise your hands.

2. The players are not allowed to argue with the referees; any case of doubts should be approached after the game is over.

3. If you decide to quit in between a game and want to come out, raise your hands to indicate the fact that you are out of the game.

4. If any of the teammates get hit and if she or he is not aware of that, you should point out that so that the referees notice that and that player, too, can call him or herself out.

5. The players are not allowed to shoot at ay targets from the sideline.

6. The players are not allowed to walk into an game, which is already in progress. In case, you are not ready by the time the game starts, you have to wait for the next slot.

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