Airsoft. Check. Anime. Check. Girls? Check! Stella C3-Bu.

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Stella! No, not the awkward and surreal pre-Adult Swim-en-prime show (that was unceremoniously cancelled in 2005) starring Michael Ian Black. This is the clever but hyperbolized effort, written by Ikoma and adapted for television by the Gainax Corporation animation studio, to file airsoft under the category of “Action & Drama” in your streaming queue.

Making the obvious comparison between real life and television you’ll find that Stella makes airsoft look like a Disney tween comedy wrapped in a melodrama Snuggy. Most of any given episode is stagy and overemotional, as any good anime is, but where else are we going to get this kind of hormone fueled, mid-octane, passive aggressive action? Sarcasm aside, it’s a well-played competition between the characters of the all-female team, the story arc, and the themes of the episodes.

Given the role of anime as a storytelling device in Japan, and the prevalence of the sport, it was only a matter of time before someone bit the BB and gave the sport the big-eyed, super deformed, overly sensitive make-over. As a light drama full of action and mystery, it’s worth watching if Cowboy Bebop isn’t available. Binging is recommended, but not required, as the arc itself is fairly predictable. But, it’s anime. So if each character groundlessly grows a set of individualized and ability specific appendages with which they subsequently use to fight evil, I wouldn’t be surprised; I would in fact be even more delighted with the series than I already am.

Give the show a chance. If anything, use this as your gateway drug into anime. It doesn’t hold a rail mounted flashlight to Samurai Champloo or Trigun, but I found it hard to put down at the end of each episode. Keeping you interested is the least a show can do, and this certainly gave me the urge to go out and start airsoft rivalries in the hopes of fostering my own airsoft nemesis.

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