Lahnus Shooting-range 5.8.2012

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Game at Lahnus this sunday, was played in good weather and with a lot of players. The tempo of the games were not as fast as I am used to in Paloheinä but it was a change from the usual. The area is a shooting range north of Helsinki and the gaming area consists of thick forest and open fields with a couple of roads running through the field. I still have to come to terms with the style of game play that is required there which is slow troop movement in the forest and big flanking maneuvers or line defense. There are a lot of players that seems to get stuck in their positions when they come in contact with the op-force and that slows down the game to a stand still and rewards the more experienced players how can take advantage of this in their flanking maneuvers.

Also a little feedback to the organizers/moderators the games were informed to start at 12:00 but the first game started after 13:00 so a hour of lost gaming time right there.

But all in all the games were good and players seemed from my point of view playing fair. I did got quite a lot of videos from today's game so I have a lot of editing to do.


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