How to Hang: The Hasty Harness

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In continuation with are last rope article “Are you Knot Prepared?” we will discuss the Hasty Harness. This is a beneficial tool to have in your arsenal of knowledge, whether your a professional first responder, a tactical professional, and avid outdoors person, or a milsimmer looking for that “operator” look. This knot uses 1 inch tubular webbing and a single D caribeaner of at least an L rating, to create a class 1 repelling harness for emergency uses.

It is important to note that if you are a milsimer and you are looking for that “operator” look, this harness is NOT to be used to actual repel during an Op. While you might earn that cool factor from fellow airsofters, you will certainly piss off the event organizers should they not have known about it. Not many insurance companies for special events will cover a fall from a 3 story building because someone forgot to tie a proper hasty harness.

That being said, this harness is a quick an easy way to provide insurance to yourself, if you were to need to make a quick decent from a dangerous, elevated position. As a firefighter, I have put a hasty harness between my outer and middle moister barriers in my bunker pants. Should I find myself in a situation that I need to bail out a window from an upper floor, I can simply tie rope to any object (even a rolled up magazine) and place it in a secure location and gracefully fall to the ground.

While they Hasty Harness is a cost effective alternative to a repelling rig, its is used primarily used in the civilian sector as a survival tool, much like it is in the fire service. While some SWAT agencies may use it, it would be make more sense safety wise, to place the extra money into mission-specific repelling gear. The outdoors person might find it useful as a cheap and easy way to give themselves a way to self extricate themselves should they be in an elevated position (ie. cliff, mountain trail) and have had all means of egress blocked.

The Gear

The Hasty Harness requires 3 things to make it an effective knot. As mentioned before, you will need double the length of your arm span amount of 1 inch tubular webbing, a D Caribenear with minimum L rating, and at least 100 ft. of static kermantle life safety rope.

The Steps go to the website to see a detailed photo step by step on how to do it, and the complition of this blog.


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