Are we airsofters to be worried?

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Creation date November 27, 2013
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EU trying to ban firearms, is airsoft also in danger?

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Furey Response from European Airsoft Association

5 years ago

rudy EU 'Airsoft Ban' Recently I've seen a campaign spreading across facebook which claims we should fight back against a proposed EU 'airsoft ban', which is purportedly spelled out in the recent white paper on firearms control (a paper which the European Airsoft Association contributed comments towards as it was being drafted). This campaign seems to have originated with the website 'all4shooters'. The claims on this website (in relation to airsoft) draw no relationship to the conclusions of the white paper. The EC has expressed indifference to airsoft in the past and we've seen no evidence that airsoft is in their sights now, but if airsofters start writing heated, unfounded letters to the EC (as suggested in the article) you will undoubtedly give them a negative impression of airsoft and draw their attention. So please, digest the evidence yourself, keep calm and play on! Matt Furey-King, President EAA

5 years ago

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