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Arena Airsoft has been running for nearly 2 years. A group of local players decided to set up an indoor site. Having played at a variety of sites we wanted to create something different.
The Arena is an intense CQB experience that results in action and contact the moment the whistle blows to start the games.
Our games are not for the faint hearted so if you are used to maximum range games where by the time you are hit by the bb its like a pea shooter then the Arena might not be your cup of tea.
This is an immediate adrenaline filled action game more like a real first person computer game.
We run milsim, objective based and traditional deathmatch style games. We have a 2k PA in the arena so sound effects and lighting form the backdrop to some of our games.
We run a friendly club and purposely do not field a home team so visiting players are always on a fair footing when they come and play at the arena.
We look forward to meeting new and experienced players.


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