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Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce our newest sponsored team: SAVOY6, based in southern California. SAVOY6 was founded by a dedicated cadre of former US Marines, active duty and reserves who were looking in their newfound civilian lives for the sort of camaraderie, adventure, and exercise they enjoyed while serving. The team now has more than thirty members, many with military experience, who join together for a common goal: to have fun while utilizing real military tactics, training, and strategy, to form an unstoppable tactical paintball team.

RAP4 met SAVOY6 at Operation: End War 3, where their tactics proved combat effective, and their sense of humor carried the day. They field tested several of our 468 markers, and demonstrated their dedication to mag-fed paintball--the most realistic style of paintball possible. Mag-fed paintball, and the revolutionary 468 marker, fit perfectly with their intense military-inspired style that combines real military training with a preference for mil-spec, robust equipment that looks, feels, and wears exactly like the duty-issue gear they carried in the service.

As proud suppliers of that gear to combat operators and military training units, RAP4 is eager to help SAVOY6 outfit themselves with the markers, accessories, softgoods, and other gear that is crucial to their success. They give veterans a positive community of like-minded vets to help ease them into civilian life, and share the ups and downs with other people who get it; they bring to paintball a formidable opposing force that competes just like real military units fight, ensuring that the action in the events they attend is truly as real as it gets.

And SAVOY6 has proven their dedication to representing mag-fed paintball, the most realistic mil-sim action our sport has to offer. For these reasons and more, RAP4 is proud to sponsor the dedicated players of SAVOY6! For more information on SAVOY6, check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/savoy6paintball

To see SAVOY6 in action, check out RAP4's video of the team at Operation: End War 3: www.rap4.com/savoy-joins-rap4-a-572.html

For the best gear in paintball, and the latest news on the mag-fed phenomenon, look us up at: www.rap4.com

Real Action Paintball--As Real as it Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/savoy-joins-rap4-a-575.html

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