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RAP4 is proud to announce the Spartan Battle Belt VII within our USMG line of real world tactical accessories. This rugged, MOLLE-interface, deluxe padded combat belt was designed with the feedback of Operation: Iraqi Freedom veterans to provide the exact kind of tactical load-bearing service they require in-theatre...

...which happens to provide the kind of service tactical paintball players need as well.

The Spartan Battle Belt VII is probably strong enough to tow a truck, but is designed from its slip-resistant silicon bands to its MOLLE-interface design to utilize its strength in your service. Attach any MOLLE-interface holster, magazine pouches, dump pouches, combat lifesaver kits (real kits or simulated ones for tactical gaming), pod pouches, tank pouches, or other gear...all of which are available in rugged models from USMG. You can also attach mil-surplus and other MOLLE gear, integrating the Spartan Battle Belt VII into the equipment you already have.

Battle belts fill two critical tactical roles: they provide extraordinary carrying capacity for accessories and auxiliary equipment, and they secure your vest for those missions where you wear one. Each Spartan Battle Belt VII features multiple D-rings designed to hook directly to your vest, so that your vest can help carry the weight of all the gear on your belt...and also so the belt helps snug your vest tightly to your body so it only moves when you move.

When you want to run fast and light, but still need to carry a tank on your back to power your marker, attach a MOLLE-interface tank carrier to the Spartan Belt VII and you'll be set for the lightest possible load-out for your marker's configuration. Add several USMG magazine pouches, or pod pouches if you use the RAP4 Gen4 Box Magazine, and your belt will keep reloads at the ready in the most comfortable, ergonomic position possible.

The MOLLE-interface system means that each Spartan Battle Belt VII will interface with mil-surplus MOLLE gear, all USMG MOLLE gear, as well as the new MOLLE tactical gear we are at work innovating right now.

The Spartan Battle Belt VII uses today's technology to satisfy the demands of tomorrow's battlefield...and it serves with class and distinction.

Real Action Paintball--As Real as it Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/usmg-battle-belt-a-574.html

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Gilroy, CA 95020
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