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Quick Overview
Avocado Burst Avocado Programmable MOSFET Device (1~12 / 30 Rounds)
-- Size: 45mm x 17mm x 8mm
-- Maximum Continuous Current: 65 Amp
-- Recommended operating battery type: NiMH -- 7~10 cells; Li-po 2~3 cells. (7.4~12V)
-- Programmable 'Burst' Mode: 1 to 12 shots
-- Programmable 'continuous' mode: 30 shots
-- Battery Low Detection: 6.6V ~ 9.9V"
Production Description
Avocado Burst Avocado Programmable
Add "burst function" to virtually any Airsoft AEG in seconds! This unit is environmental, it conserves bullets for high rate of fire guns, acts as a MOSFET to regulate your power source and more! There is simply nothing like it! Many shooters would argue that burst firing is the most green, tactical and economical feature on a rifle.


MOSFET Device (1~12 / 30 Rounds)
Small in size: 45 x 17 x 8mm
User-friendly: In-line programmable - user can program the AEG at any moment by just using the "trigger"
"SUPER EASY" installation in seconds! Plug it in your gun just like how you plug in your battery! Simple drop-in installation with absolutely no soldering required.
Turns the "Full Auto" function on your AEG into "3~12 round burst" firing mode
Programmable continuous shoot mode of 30 round burst
Equipped with up-to-data power MOSFET technology
Active breaking technology employed
Beep tones are available for programming confirmation and battery-low indication
Self-adjust battery status to suit various types of batteries
Life Time Limited Warranty


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