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Regulation Tactical Reflex Magazine Pouch MK2 represents the next step in magazine swaps during high speed high stress situations. The Reflex Magazine Pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible and is designed specifically to answer the frustrations of shooters who wish to re-insert a magazine into their pouches and pulling a new one.
One of the main standout features of the R-Tactical MK2 Reflex Magazine Pouch is the reflex pressure mechanism that is located on the backside of the magazine. The reflex system puts forward pressure on the magazines. When a magazine is removed, the resulting forward pressure creates space for another magazine to be re-inserted in a newly opened space.

This system allows the operator to exchange an empty magazine for a full one all in the exact same spot, thus increasing reload efficiency and increasing speed. Standard M4 magazines are designed to sit in the “ready position” at all times, and the reflex pressure system helps maximize magazine retention. Users will find that the Regulation Tactical Reflex Magazine Pouches will keep the magazines about 1″ away from the body, which aids operators using a battle belt or combat admin. The reflex system is designed to be rugged and will provide pressure for an entire deployment.
The Velcro-centric design allows you to configure the the Reflex MKII Magazine Pouch to low profile, single stack, and double stack configuration. The magazine retention is also configurable.

More details,pictures and video at www.operator7airsoft.com/


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