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Intelligence update.
Weapons technicians who designed the lost war head have warned that the high explosives contain an unstable chemical compound which once released into the air or ground can result in contamination on a scale dwarfing the Chernobyl disaster. Needless to say if this compound was fall into the wrong hands it could be weaponised into easily transportable devices such as person or vehicle borne explosive weapons of mass destruction. NATO forces are treating safe recovery of the weapon as their highest priority and the local rebel jafar insurgents of Longmooriskstan are also keen to gain control of the weapon. Both sides have despatched weapon technicians and rocket scientists to locate and recover the device. NATO have despatched their top ammo tech whilst the Iranians have kidnapped a retired rocket scientist whose family are being held as leverage. Both specialists are in a race against the clock but who will recover the missile components first?
Book your place onto this deployment and mobilise for operation Mongoose.


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