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We are looking at the best lubricating, but also best smelling firearm cleaner and lubricant. Used by the U.S. Navy Seals but now also used by various airsoft-teams, and various shooting teams.

Froglube is world's only, fully bio-based lubricant and cleaner. This means; it's not toxic, so anyone an use it; without gloves. Also, it's harmless on plastic and rubber. So if you spill a bit, it won't be a problem.

Froglube has a nice minty smell, and is easy to use. All you need is your firearms, some Froglube and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to heat your firearm a bit before cleaning! That way, Froglube can get "in" your weapon and clean from the inside out! You'll notice you won't have to clean your firearms as often as you have to do now, and it'll be smoother!

Froglube is getting well known due to the fact that this is a green product. Many lubricants are claimed to be bio-based, but we can assure you; they aren't as bio-based as Froglube is.

As you can read, Froglube is the safest, most bio, and most easy to use lubricant and cleaner you can find these days.
Still not convinced? Give it a try, you won't regret it!

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