Lohja Varikko (Depot) 11.8.2012 by Tactical Games

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So it was time for me to try a new site, and I found the game site at Lohja on a Finnish airsoft forum so I was very eager to try it out.

The site itself is a sandpit with several containers and barracks and some various building materials lying around making up some great CQB areas as well as open field areas. There were not many players (28) but it felt like a good enough amount for the fast games played there that day! Running up and down sand hills was very tiring, at least for me, but made it fun when you got an over watch position and could pick off the op-force one by one.

Another great thing with the games was that they were not just run and gun games, but organized using tactics to gain the upper hand. It did help that our side was run by a guy who is a Colonel in the armed forces, which was very clear from the first game when teams were divided and mission objectives briefed.

I liked the games very much although a little variation of game modes could have been fun. For me it is a 50km way to go there so I will be going there again but not every weekend.

Another thing this weekend is that I decided to run my M4:s instead of the AK I love at the moment, but there was a feeling of art imitating real life when my M4:s were breaking down a lot, including on field strip/fix during the game in the middle of a firefight. My AK (knock wood) has yet to fail me once in game and I used it for over year without any maintenance on the gearbox...


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