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With Christmas knocking on the door, you must be preparing for a power-packed, adventurous winter and the new range of airsoft guns, offered by Airsoft Megastore, will allow you to do exactly that. Whether you are an amateur player or consider airsoft as a regular sport, you will definitely love to try your hands at high-end airsoft rifles and guns and this is where offers the best possible services. Be it a AEGs, airsoft sniper rifles, shotguns, airsoft gas pistols or CO2 pistols – Airsoft Megastore offers you a wide variety of instruments to choose from. Here are some of the top products mentioned, with great detail; have a quick look –

· ASG Licensed Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW338LM Sniper Rifle – If you are bored of using those age-old bolt action sniper rifles, and now are looking for something new and innovative this model should be the ideal pick for you. Due to its ergonomic design and adaptability in the field, this model has been a popular choice among many airsoft players right from the time of its launching. Being officially licensed by Ashbury Precision Ordnance, this model is an exact replica of the real steel ASW338LM and has been manufactured such a way that it meets all the requirements of the modern day airsoft players.

· Umarex Licensed H&K Full Metal MP5A5 3-Round Burst Airsoft AEG Rifle – This is one of the very few licensed MP5 AEG variants in the airsoft market. Manufactured by VFC, this model features a newly designed micro switch trigger that provides fast trigger response and a self-shimming gearbox. The reason this model of AEG has been observed as an unique piece is that it comes with a 3-round burst function which works flawlessly with the well-known MP5 ambidextrous fire selector. Unlike most of the other AEGs, available in the market, this comes with a threaded orange tip and this allows the players to add any 14 millimeter CCW barrel extension.

· ASG Airsoft Licensed Franchi SPAS-12 Sawed Off Pump Action Shotgun – The Shotguns which were previously used in Television shows, movies and video games, can now be seen at the hands of the passionate airsoft players. The model features a fixed as well as integrated hop-up system, this pump action shotgun can shoot up to 200 FPs and therefore, it is considered to be an ideal option for close-up targets, in a confined area. Moreover, this particular model weighs even lesser than a standard M4 AEG, and is considered as a good choice for the CQB skirmishes. The easy-to-rock charging handle makes every shot effortless and allows the players to fire more rounds with absolute ease, and unlike other shotguns, this model holds up to 44 rounds and these are stored inside the tubular magazine, below the barrel.

Sam Payn is a popular blogger and loves to associate himself with the game of airsoft. He shares his valuable feedbacks about guns and rifles in his write-ups.


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