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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce a strategic new venture in Brazil--RAP4 Brazil, providing the industry's leading paintball gear to players across South America! Our new presence in Brazil, spearheaded by the new Portuguese language site www.rap4br.com, is designed to reach scenario and tactical players across a beautiful continent that hosts a fast-growing paintball scene!

With scenario events unfolding in real jungle, at real construction sites that have been abandoned and turned into tactical gaming parks, and other adrenaline-pumping locations around Brazil and across South America, RAP4 wants to join the action and support our players! There's a lot of great paintball in the region, and we want to help the sport grow...

...and help the players experience action that is truly as real as it gets. We're proud to offer fast and reasonable shipping, high-quality paint, industry-leading products, and the connections to get our award-winning gear into players' hands across the region. To grow the sport, we must equip, empower, and excite the players...and RAP4 is proud to help grow the sport in Brazil!

When visiting players head south to escape winter in the Northern Hemisphere, they'll be amazed by the fantastic summer-lush fields in Brazil...and will be able to pick up the T68 markers, Hawkeye Goggles, and other RAP4 gear they're familiar with back home. Then, when Brazilian players come home after playing in the US, they'll not only be able to tell their friends about the state-of-the-art tactical gear up north, they'll also be able to take them to a field and show them RAP4 gear in person!

Through strategic alliances with established Brazilian companies, players will be able to test, purchase, and use our exciting mil-sim gear to create a level of realism that enhances their best fields and games. The thrill of the chase has never been so exciting as when players wrap their hands around our 1:1 paintball-only reproductions of the M4/M16 family of duty-issue arms. Our compressed-air-powered grenades, mines, and other battle simulation devices provide unparalleled realism and game play, while being completely safe for use in paintball. Previously this gear was hard to come by outside of America, but now Brazil joins our expanding global presence that finds RAP4 well established in Malaysia, Israel, and elsewhere!

Brazilian players and those fluent in Portuguese are welcome to check out the brand new www.rap4br.com for more details on this exciting new venture...and to stock up now on paint, air tanks, T68 markers and tactical gear!

In Brazil, as in a growing number of countries around the world, Real Action Paintball is truly As Real As It Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/rap4-brazil-a-501.html

7700 Arroyo Circle
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: 408-434-0434
Fax: 408-434-0334
Web: www.rap4.com


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