Review: 5.11 TDU Pants In Multicam

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The TDU, or Tactical Dress Uniform (TDU) pants from 5.11 are the new standard and the replacement for the old BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms). This consists of a series of improvements made with direct feedback from law enforcement and special operations teams in the field, who made design change suggestions and wear testing. The result is so good that when questioned some of these professionals refused to go back using the classic BDUs.

With the addition of the 5.11 TDU Pants in Multicam, I now have my Multicam loadout almost complete and I can tell you that the choice of the 5.11 brand for the pants wasn't random.

I had already reviewed their Combat Shirt and liked it with the verdict that was so good it made me want to have the whole set from the same brand. And believe me, I wasn't disappointed by my choice as you'll see in this review.

I would like to thank Military1st for setting me up with these pants for the review.

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