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Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce you to our extensive line of stocks for our T68 markers and those other markers equipped with RAP4 Flexi-Air Systems. These stocks reproduce modern duty-issue stocks in size, fit, finish, and function, and even bring you the excitement of several hot aftermarket military stocks and classic designs. We engineer each stock for the rigors of our sport, while keeping them true to their military lineage.

Patrick has a fantastic video right here www.rap4.com/options-a-482.html where he takes you through many of our most popular models...

...like the M4 Carbine Stock, which works with our dual 12gram adapter, and other buffer tube - sized tanks. This stock puts a classic M4 Carbine Stock on your marker, giving you the multi-position collapsible utility that lets you extend it until you have the perfect length of pull whether you're wearing a vest, thick coat, or just a camo top...and then collapse the stock forward again when it's time to make your marker into a compact package for CQB, transport, or storage.

This utility is familiar across all of our collapsing, military-reproduction stocks. The differences between them, then, set them apart in style and how they manage your air! Many of our stocks feature remote line connection points just forward on the stock, making for natural balance and allowing you to carry that heavy, ugly air tank on your back to preserve the lightweight handling and realistic look of your marker!

The Magpul PTS CTR puts a mil-spec collapsible stock on your marker, and includes the anti-slip rubber recoil pad and ergonomic styling that make it a hot product for military and law enforcement operators...and with our mil-spec air-through buffer tube, it'll be right at home on your paintball marker!

For players who want onboard air solutions, we have the 5oz CO2 and 13ci / 3000 psi M4 Buttstock that conceals either of those air solutions inside of the stock. The stock slides along the concealed tank, locking securely into a special rail, allowing you to have an onboard air system that is out of the way and minimally affects your marker's weight and handling. With the 13ci HPA tank installed, after you shoot that tank dry you can quickly refill it and draw more air from a tank on your back when you connect a remote line to the male quick disconnect in the onboard tank's regulator...providing you a backup air solution to get you out of any nasty surprises your opponents throw your way!

With these stock systems and the other great stocks from Real Action Paintball, your marker will look, feel, and handle just like duty-issue gear in combat theatres around the world. It's what you want, and your mission needs...and we're proud to engineer it for you.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

More detail: www.rap4.com/store/paintball/rap4-flexiair-systems-a-497.html

7700 Arroyo Circle
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: 408-434-0434
Fax: 408-434-0334
Web: www.rap4.com


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