Up To 32% Off CNC Machined V2/V3 Aibrake Piston Heads

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Lees Precision Engineering CNC Machined V2/V3 airbrake piston heads and laser cut AOE shims now have up to 32% off their RRP until 30/09/2012.

V2/V3 Acetal Airbrake Piston Head – Was £16, Now £10.50
V2/V3 Acetal Airbrake Piston Head & AOE Shims – Was £20, Now £13.50
V2/V3 Aluminium Airbrake Piston Head – Was 16, Now £12.00
V2/V3 Aluminium Airbrake Piston Head & AOE Shims – Was 20, Now £15.00
Laser Cut Piston Head AOE Shims (Pack of 12) – Was £6, Now £4.50

Only available to buy direct from www.LeesPrecision.co.uk, worldwide shipping available.

LPE Piston heads are an original design being the first AEG piston heads commercially made which are designed to be adjusted for AOE (angle of engagement) easily while remaining securely centred on the piston. The conventional design for the rear of the piston head has been done away with and replaced with an extended locator and a lightweight aluminium bushing in-place of heavier steel thrust bearings, this allows for 0 – 5mm of AOE adjustment using shims between the piston and piston head.

8 Lightweight laser cut AOE Shims are supplied with this piston head (4x 0.38mm and 4x 0.50mm)
As with all LPE products these are CNC machined in the United Kingdom from high quality billet materials on commercial machines.

What is an airbrake piston head?

Airbrake piston heads are much like standard piston heads but with the addition of a second 'piston' on the front which acts as a suppressor in the gearbox.

How does it work?

Towards the end of the forward piston stroke the front of the piston head enters the cylinder head and reduces the airflow out of the nozzle, this creates a cushion of air in-front of the piston which slows it down before it impacts the cylinder head resulting in a reduction of sound from the gearbox.


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