Border War MILSIM sold out in 37 minutes

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It took just 37 minutes to sold out the award winning Border War MILSIM for upcoming season of 2014. Players and MILSIm enthusiasts from 47 countries have not hessitated to put quite a lot of effort to manage to get the tickets before they dissapeared.

Reason is very simple after a great sucess of the Border War 5 OP warhammer, player community didnt want to miss a chance to join the opcoming Operation Sunseeker.

About the organizer

Border War Crew have organized large scale international Airsoft games since 2008 and they have in their portfolio more than 85 events organized since 2003.

One of the major accomplishments apart from organising massive professional MILSIm airsoft events was receiving an Award by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine, when Border War 4 was voted the best Airsoft event of the world in February 2013. The Award was handed over to the organizer on IWA2013 fair in Nurnberg, Germany, in February 2013.

The unique Top 5 of Border War 5 OP Warhammer

1) Largest Airmobile deployment in the airsoft history (200 players)

2) Largest LARP city with on spot built structured buildings in the Airsoft history in Czech Republic(Including the 3 storey complex of the Bank of Alisi)
(25 constructed buildings)

3) Most advanced medical and safety standard of any Airsoft events in Europe (Role 2 Achelon medical set up – 30+ professional medical crew on spot)

4) Largest organizing the Crew ever performed in organizing an airsoft event in Europe (Maybe in the world)(150 People)

5) Largest usage of PES (Personal Eye System) by Milsistematika on an Airsoft event (140 devices)

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