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Keywords: Airsoft, Gadgets

There are a handful of mobile applications designed to enhance the skirmish experience for military simulation games such as Paintball and Airsoft.

The standard features are GPS for locating teammates and some sort of instant communication most of the time this means text messages. Also, it is common to define teams.

OverWatchApp takes a shot on this small family of mobile applications; the twist? They tackle their objective by bringing videogame experience to real life.

It includes the standard GPS feature but it allow to show enemies and allies on screen, same as in MW or most any other popular FPS. It goes one step ahead of other software by providing full voice chat and in-game perks.

iOS and Android devices will be supported.

Actually it's pretty easy to use this app, after signing in to your account, you can create a match, define the duration of the match and radar refresh, among other parameters. After selecting teams, you are sent to a gaming lobby until the game creator launches the game.

The GUI it's quite clean, you get a satellite image of your location, which can be zoomed in and out, the map reorients with you, which will relieve you of trying to orient yourself while dodging enemy fire. In the same screen, the remaining time for this match is always present; open/close voice communications and a pretty neat feature: The Panic Button, which hails your teammates to help you out when you are in a tight situation.

There are a "Hit" and a "Quit" button, which serve the purpose to indicate that you are off the game either permanently or just for the moment.

Note that there is no drill down in this display, which means that you only need to glance at it for getting real time info on the battle field and with a slight movement of your free hand you can activate whatever feature you need.

If by now you are asking yourself: “How can hold I my phone and my replica at the same time during a game match?” Worry no more. OverWatch designed a Picatinny compatible case which also protects your phone from incoming enemy fire. There's also a wrist version for those Predator fans out there ;)

I mentioned before that there are perks to activate in OverWatchApp, one of these is the UAV which shows enemy locations on your radar and, of course, there is also a counter measure for this. Another perk listed in their site is eavesdropping on enemy communications.

This pretty much replicates the experience of playing online with your mates but there is one more feature planned to be included: The Commander.

Said person can follow up on players from a remote location and intervene by activating perks to players in the field. This feature will be made available if they get to raise $150,000.00 USD but I hope that they include that in the near future even if they don't initially meet the figure.

Right now they are trying again, their goal remains the same: $50,000.00 USD, their new deadline: January 26, 2014 but so far they have raised $4,361.00 USD, let's give them a hand here, go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/overwatch-real-world-combat-gaming if you contribute with $35.00 USD you get to be a beta tester next February :)

I truly hope they can meet their goal, I'm pretty excited with the idea of trying this.

Take a look at their video on YouTube and don't forget to take a dive into their website: www.overwatchapp.com/


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