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"Bertoni Eyewear" is a well known Italian brand of sport sunglasses coming from a twenty-year experience in the sport–optic market.

The Bertoni eyewear are well appreciated in every sport because they have a comfortable and well fitting design plus the latest technical discoveries for the lenses and materials.
The wide range of models have been developed to suit all types of activities. The latest production line includes Safety Glasses and Goggles.
They are constructed of Antiscratch 2.4 mm Polycarbonate material, that meets both ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 requirements. They have been tested with 3 Joule airguns point blank and passed the test with flying colours.

The Bertoni eyewear have lenses treated with a special resin which removes the condensation which forms on the surface of the lens making sport hard or when passing from hot to cold.
The antifog coating enables to always have a perfect vision. The glasses of this collection are light, impact resistant, and with an excellent grip.

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