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LBT Inc has been working closely with multiple SWAT teams across the United States as well as ATF/SRT teams to develop individual equipment to deal with “ Active Shooter Incidents” in an effort to adapt the operational functionality LBT offers their SOF customers and apply that mindset to developing kit specifically for federal agencies and Law Enforcement agencies.

LBT-6094B SRT Kit
General Features:

Designed off the success and reliability of the LBT-6094 Modular Plate Carrier Series

(4) Front internal pouches for administrative, document and internal stowage
Includes LBT-2645G Kangaroo Pouch
Heavy duty hook and loop on front and rear for ID patches
Elastic retention on cummerbund for chem lights and breaching tools
Button hole on back to conceal flex cuffs through the shoulder straps
Available in Ranger Green and Black

more details at www.operator7airsoft.com/

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