Phantom Corsairs' First Mission Day

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Saturday January 25, 2014 the Phantom Corsairs held their first Mission Day.

The day was meant for a small group of Airsoft Operators to learn the new field and to work out some scenario bugs. The field was received very well by the small group of operators. Words like "Awesome", "Great Field", "Lots of Potential", etc. were used. We even had some new and young operators in our small group who played their hearts out. Many scenarios were played through the day, one even included written intel and an 'operating' time bomb that the team had to type in the correct code to defuse the bomb.

The Fry Homestead property mimics 'high desert' with very little trees and many, many rocks of all different sizes from small boulders to man height boulders. The barn made for great gameplay as it was central to many of the scenarios. The property is surrounded and through out the property are stone 'fences' that were constructed many, many generations ago by the people who homesteaded the land. The Fry Homestead is located on the west foothills of the Sutter Buttes, the 'Smallest Mountain Range in the World'.

Overall the First Mission Day at Fry Homestead Field was a huge success and fun was had by all.

More Mission Day Reports coming soon from the Phantom Corsairs.

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