UPDATE: Fake Holographic Sight on Gun Camera

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After receiving feedback over how fake the Holographic sight video was, we decided to use our specialties in video manipulation and games design to create something “less fake”. This video has the same holographic sight but with a darker video as an example.

First problem with the previous video was how picture perfect the holographic sight was. There is no way that the holographic sight would look sharp in comparison to that of the rest of the video. We thought it would work if we decided to create some form of distortion to the footage. We started with adding grain and morphing the footage, but that only proved to be less realistic and more unnatural. In the end, we had decided that a compound blur would prove most useful without overheating the computer.

The second problem was the way the reticule didn’t seem to act like the hologram it was supposed to be. Not many people have expressed hoe unreal the reticule was, however we noticed and thought it would make a difference, especially if the footage were to be viewed at a lower resolution. We did many things with the reticule, but simply making it transparent would not make it realistic. Having played with the blending options of the image, it seemed to work best to blend the reticule as a screen at a full opacity.

And voila, all we’ve done is made two changes and it already looks much better than the previous video of the holographic sight. Let us know what you think.


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