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The SMR’s (Skeletonized Magazine Retention) genesis goes back to 2004 when one of the members of S&S Precision hand built a mag carrier from Kydex harvested from a Safariland holster. It was used on multiple combat deployments as a belt mounted, quick magazine holder for that first reload. In 2009 that custom built mag carrier concept led to the larger development of load carrying systems which caused S&S Precision to concentrate on the groundbreaking PlateFrame which, after two years of internal work, was released in 2012. Around the same time the Kangaroo Insert was created for use with the NSW issue LBT plate carrier but the team at S&S Precision wasn’t satisfied that it was as refined as it could be. Consequently, they’ve turned their attention back to the initial focus of magazine retention with as little material as possible to properly do the job.

The Skeletonized Magazine Retention (SMR) is more than a magazine holder with its dedicated retention but also a glimpse into the future of accessory modularity.Never losing sight of what needs to be done, this light weight system discards the bungie and flaps of the past. The rigid backbone of the SMR provides a low-profile modularity which can be easily moved across the available adapters with a push of a button.

Available in Black and TAN for $16.50USD

More details and a product video available at www.operator7airsoft.com/

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