Common and Uncommon Rules in Airsoft

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There are a lot of common and uncommon rules in airsoft, Here is a list of them.

Engagement distances. This is where you would “surrender” or “bang bang” them. What that means is you would point your gun (it has to be capable of firing) at them and say “bang bang”, which is the equivalent of shooting them, without the pain. I notice this rule has a standard distance of 15-20 feet.

You MUST wear full seal eye protection. What passes for full seal varies from field to field, and some require full face masks.

FPS rules and limits. This one is a big deal for some fields, but less of a big deal for others. The standard limit for full auto/ semi auto guns is around 430 fps, other fields may go more in depth, fpr instance, 400 fps has a MED (minimum engagement distance) of 20 feet, 450 at 50 feet, and anything over at 100 feet. I notice fields in the Eastern US are less strict about this.

Call your hits. This one speaks for itself. Just call it guys, you don't really die.

Grenade kills. This one can be sketchy. On some fields if a rocket lands within 15 feet of you you're out, others they only take out vehicles. On some field sound devices are “lethal”, and others they are just a distraction. Like the rest, this varies from field to field.

Rate of fire (rof) limits. This one is usually set aside, unless you have a lot of polarstar users. Most fields only enforce this when high ROF is abused. Nobody wants to be hit by 30 bbs at one time, right?

Knife kills. NEVER do a full swing on someone, it could really hurt them. Again, some fields alow knife fields and some don't. Pulling someone down with a knife is the ultimate humiliation though. Just be respectful about it.

These are the most common rules you will find in airsoft. To keep from complicating things I'm not going to go into extreme detail about magazine capacity and other related rules, simply because there is too much variation in them.

Play safe guys,
Madman actual from Dark Ops Airsoft.

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