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Article Focus: Review the pros and cons of UBG(Ultimate Battle Grounds) and pronounce my final evaluation regarding this field.

Ultimate Battle Grounds is located in Bourne, Cape Cod, just off the rotary. It’s name strikes excitement as soon as you read it, and playing here won’t disappoint you. Remember that feeling you got as a child when you discovered something wonderful and amazing, and somehow familiar yet completely new? Yeah, this is the adult version of that. Packed into a bundle of acres lies the Store, the Warthog that is used in scenario games, a rail cannon for scenario games, a POW camp, a town, and several other locations hidden in the woods for players to use and to enjoy.

Lets start with the action. On any given weekend day, you can expect around 25-40 players on site, with more coming and going. Personally, I’ve never had a game at UBG that was less then 10 versus 10, on a slow day. In addition to this great number of regulars, UBG also hosts large scale events. I’m talking hundreds of people playing airsoft, having a great time, and making super badass memories that will never be forgotten. Players who’ve participated in these events have experienced the following side effects: 120% increase in manliness, increased alcohol tolerance, and immunity to welts from .20g ammunition.

The field itself is the big prize here. Urbanville is the central area of battle, and it’s made up of two parts. The town is the larger portion, while the POW camp is the smaller part. Both are constructed out of plywood and other materials, and buildings are not in short supply. The POW camp has a jail, a sniper tower, and fast access to the neighboring woods for nice flanking position. The town has several buildings and they form a maze of paths in between them. It also contains a helicopter and a smaller building with a second tower. In between these two areas is what I like to call the Dunes of Death. The entire area of Urbanville is dirt and sand, so some trenches have been dug within these Dunes of Death. It also has some barrels and other small barricades, but should you find yourself behind one, you’ll probably die.

Following this array of amazing traits, UBG also has some of the best staff I’ve ever encountered. In fact, I was so impressed with staff conduct and reliability; I decided to buy a King Arms lipo battery from them because my M4a1 DMR-MOD was pulling too much power and draining my 9.6 in the cold rather quickly. The battery had complications, so they instantly replaced it with brand new working one. While that one charged, one of the staff didn’t want me to miss out on any games so he offered to let me borrow his personal lipo battery. True story, and needless to say I won’t be giving my business to any other field.

In conclusion, UBG is a fantastic place to play airsoft, and you will not be disappointed by how everything has been woven together over there. A courteous and professional staff that go beyond the call of the job description alongside a fantastic field with plenty of room for hundreds of players is exactly the kind of place many of us call home. Here’s a link to their website and Facebook pages.

Nick Goyette aka Raggunus
C.A.M.I.L.L.O. Squad/Squad Leader/DMR/Assault/

Ghost Pirate

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