Tier 1 Military Simulation - Sub Operations: BladeRunner

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Airsoft milsim with a difference: no field, no boundries! Bringing milsim out of the bushes and into the "real" world. A whole new level of experience! See for yourself:



Basho At TIER 1 we are totally and entirely dedicated to providing you the player with a 100% "as real as it gets outside the military" experience.
There follows a declassified film about our SUB OPERATION - BLADERUNNER.
These events encompass the highest level of Military Simulation and Attendees were tested to a level unprecedented in airsoft, sustaining -- hardship, duress, a lack of sleep and a lack of food for 36hours.
Attendees received initial orders prior to the operation and were required to begin the event outside of an airsoft environment. Tasks included professional training in surveillance, followed by going to a designated place and identifying a group of Targets. Surveillance of those Targets then commenced using covert communication equipment and vehicles, following on foot when required.
But then something they didn't expect happened!
Late at night the Target's turned the tables and captured two of the Attendees in a well-planned road stop. They were taken to the Target's compound and tested for resistance to interrogation. Upon the discovery of this the Attendees then planned, practiced and executed a rescue operation in the early hours of the morning calling on all they had learned in the training and previous day's play. Could they rescue their teammates alive and capture the Target leader?
TIER 1 MILITARY SIMULATION Ltd is a military simulation training company owned and managed by former-Royal Marine Commando Non-Commissioned Officers and a former UKSF 22 SAS Regiment Operator with over 57 years regular service between them.
Tier 1 partnered with the well known airsoft filmmaker and blogger, Basho (www.outsidecontext.com), in making this film. Basho followed the day's events as a silent observer capturing the main events of the event on camera.

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