Overwatch: Real World Combat Gaming

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Overwatch is the next generation in interactive and social gaming. Now, all of the technology gamers love from combat video games is available in real life, right on a smartphone—Live GPS Radar, Bluetooth Voice Chat, and In-Game Perks. The games of airsoft, paintball, and laser tag just became a whole lot more tactical. Now it’s not just game time. It’s game time for real.
Overwatch is not just another smartphone game, it is a tactical utility to enhance airsoft, paintball, and laser tag gameplay. Instead of being distracted from your game by trying to play through your smartphone like a Head-up Display, Overwatch provides vital game information at a glance—just like a radar does in combat video games. The app uses a WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE connection to transmit and receive streaming GPS data. This provides the near real-time location tracking for the in-game radar. Instead of using a bluetooth connection for voice chat, a data transmission is used. This allows multiple devices on a team to communicate without a 30-foot range limitation, and to ensure that devices with different operating systems can communicate. While the device-to-device connection is not bluetooth, a user can connect a bluetooth headset instead of using the default speakerphone interface.

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