Project Luther - A new valid defence for the UK?

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Keywords: UKARA, Defence, UK, VCRA, Act

There has been a large commotion regarding alternatives to UKARA. Although we take UKARA as one of the most important forms of valid defence for buying RiFs in the UK. We have read and watched many of these alternatives grow in numbers and there is no right or wrong one. Being tech savvie people, we like this alternative the most. It's just a matter of time before we know if any of these alternatives will even get close to competing with the purpose of UKARA.

You can join the project on Facebook by following this link:

"A democratic, efficient and easy way of ensuring that Airsofters can prove their defence when buying RIFs while being rewarded for their responsibility."

The basics: It’s actually rather simple; every Luther registered Airsofter gets a coded wristband that’s unique to them. Consider it a ‘passport’ of sorts. This wristband is then scanned at sites, which not only automatically signs you in at the site, it registers your attendance and signs the any disclaimers/insurance waivers.

You initially register with Luther through our website by providing all of the usual details whilst also providing ID that can be validated. You’ll then be sent a wristband with your Luther Skirmishers ID hard encoded along with a letter and other possible things we haven’t quite got to yet.

Your skirmishing attendance figures are recorded which means they will be stored by us and by the site you visited. We will be working in tandem with all the appropriate Government departments to ensure that our data storage fully complies with the Data Protection Act and that it’s super secure.

What this means is that you have near instantaneous proof that you have attended a skirmish or indeed attended several to qualify to buy a RIF, year on year. Processing times of legal defence will be a thing of the past. The database can also be queried by its own members for the purposes of second hand sales etc.

Find the project on Facebook:


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