Frontier Airsoft- WARLORD (mortar strike)

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Hi there fellow airsofters. A few weeks ago the site i marshal/photograph at held a game called "Warlord" in which one of the main characters was a mortar man.

This was carried out at Frontier Airsoft. Based in the UK (west-Midlands)

The prop in question was used to set off a, mortar strike when taken to a certain point to destroy enemy land rovers which was located using flags. Both sides had the chance to play this but only 1 succeeded in doing this correctly.

The correct way in doing this was to allow the mortar man to hold back from the team whilst pushing up to the allocated location where to strike the attack. Whilst the objective was in sight the team would split to hold fire around the points while one player escorted him to the objective to allow the strike. After succeeded at the point the same was done again to each point until all 3 were taken down in which then End-Ex was called to finish the game and the time taken was used so both sides could find a winner.

The Prop:

the prop itself does not fire anything and was safely taken care of from myself and another experienced player. The way this was used was by the player escorting the mortar man would strike a mk5 pyro and putting it at the back inside a slit, where it would stay safely out the way and explode to show the strike had happened. Also he was wearing (real) ear defenders to block the noise, although he did admittedly say, it was the coolest thing he had done.

Overall a good mission and good prop to use although used with professional players/marshals to ensure proper use. We regularly use props for our story lines and are always fully checked before hand to ensure total safety is carried out, whilst we make sure regular players are not using these.

Hope you enjoyed this post, many thanks from myself Gaz Ward(youngsharky) and Frontier Airsoft.


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