The Lovegrove PBS-1 Tracer Unit

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Recently we've had a local airsofter come up with a "cunning plan". His plan was to create a tracer unit out of a Russian PBS-1 silencer for his AK74u. This is how Jonathan Lovegrove did it:

**Note: a Madbull Gemtech tracer unit will fit, unmodified into a PBS-1. BUT these cost £100+ New.**

After building my AK, I was massively disappointed that there were no russian based tracer units. Having only 74 round mags, I realised I was going to have to get innovative.
So I purchased a Madbull PBS-1, which is a hefty piece of kit (~500g). After borrowing a friends B&T tracer unit and pulling it apart I realised that it would fit in without the
case and battery cap, however the batteries did not hold position because the case of the unit is moulded to hold the batteries in place, so that also needed some work doing to it.
take both ends off of the PBS and remove all the foam rings.

first thing I went on to do was remove the case and end-cap, refit one half of the case and insert two of the batteries. then using a hot glue gun, ran glue along the sides of them
and held the other two batteries in with my spare hand. be careful not to get any glue between the batteries and tube, otherwise they will not fit. after the glue dries use a knife
to peel the glue away from the batteries but not the tube itself. Then using the first piece of glue as a mould glue along the other side of the batteries.

The battery cap is two pieces, only one will fit inside the PBS, so unscrew them and remove the larger part. what you need to do now is put a screw (or similar 'peg') through the
battery guide, and file a notch out in the battery cap so that it holds position at the correct angle over the batteries. Now you have to switch the tracer on (switch will be
permanently on) put the batteries in and the cap on top inside the PBS (Batteries at the gun end of the suppressor), screw that end of the suppressor back on with the tracer inside,
then start putting foam rings back in the other end, one by one until they're just past the thread for the cap. now push the cap and screw it back in, you need a bit of pressure
here to keep the batteries in contact. if this was successful the tracer should have powered on, don't worry if it hasn't as the cap may have twisted. unscrew the gun end and check
its in the right place and do it back up. now you should be able to use this cap as temporary on / off (loose = off obviously) and to disable the unit, simply flip the cap over

You now have a fully functioning PBS-1 based tracer unit!

Madbull PBS-1: £65 (Redwolf)
B&T Tracer Unit: £40 (Viking)
Material Cost: £0 (a small amount of hot glue and a screw!)
Total Cost: £105

Difficulty: 3/5


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