AAR: Shanghai Bend with Team Elvis

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This past Sunday I went to a public Airsoft area know as the Shanghai Bend gaming area. This area is controlled by the State of California Fish & Wildlife Department. It's not only used by Airsofter but by paintballers, civilians walking their dogs, joggers, and fourrunners. The total land area runs along the Feather River in Yuba City, Sutter County, CA. The total land area is well over 100 acres with a wide range of terrain from wooded area to sand dunes. many different types of scenarios can be played here.
Team Elvis is based in Yuba City, CA and their numbers are reaching to be over 25 in strength. A great group of guys of all ages. Team elvis is mostly a younger group with a more mature command structure and experience. Team Elvis comprises of current and former military and total civilians. In the scenarios that we played Team Elvis seemed to be a strong opponent divided up into various sized teams/squads. They had a wide range of weapons from a simple sidearm to heavy DMRs and sniper rifles.
Back to the field, the field definitely lends itself to long rifles even up to DMRs and sniper rifles. There are areas that do lend itself to the SMGs and shorter barreled rifles. I carried my DMR through out the day and it was most useful because I was making shots well over 200' at some points. Next time I will be packing my sniper rifle the Black Pearl and my MP5 for close support.
Team Elvis meet every sunday at Shanghai Bend @ 0930, no field fee.
I recommend fighting/playing with Team Elvis at Shanghai Bend River Front Recreation Area.
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