GWS Custom C4Pro Radio PTT Headset

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Remember back in May when I mentioned the the C4Ops Tactical Headset System from Silynx?

Well it seems that Guns Workshop have made an Airsoft version which is less expensive and still fully functional:

The PTT's body is made out of very resistant Polymer and features a steel MOLLE clip. Thanks to the various cables provided, it is compatible with most radios and headsets and even smartphones!

Here is a complete list of features:
•Fully functional with three different channels, compatible with United Star PRC-148, ICOM IC-4008W / IC-4300, KENWOOD and most China made radios
•Dual in-ear speaker / bone mic-system, lightweight and sounds clear
•Multi-Platform interoperability: iPhone, Samsung phone control to receive calls or listen to music
•Custom adapter cable for Comtac / Sordin MSA headset (sold separately)

The kit includes:
•PTT main body with steel MOLLE
•U-229 5 PINS Connector cable for United Star PRC-148 x1
•ICOM IC-4008W connector cable 2 pin x1
• IC-4300 connector cable 1 pin x1
•Kenwood/Chine made Radio Connector cable x1
•iPhone / Samgung /HTC hands free connector cable x1
•Dual in-ear speaker / bone mic cable x1

This could be a great solution for your comms setup when playing Airsoft and its available for $175 from Guns workshop.


roguetrooper Are all three items connected to the tactical headset system? as my friend thinks that only two are connected to it

6 years ago

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