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You can now follow the news about your favourite Airsoft brands, retailers and manufacturers on "Hub Pages". We released a couple of new pages :

Evike Airsoft :
Marui :
eHobbyasia :
eHobby :
Toronto Airsoft :
Airsoft Ireland :

More Airsoft brands can be found at

We also released new pages to follow specific keywords :

airsoft war :
airsoft pistol :
airsoft sniper rifle :
airsoft sniper :
airsoft shotgun :
airsoft rifles :
airsoft M4 :
airsoft grenade :
airsoft revolver :
airsoft MP5:
airsoft minigun :
airsoft AK47:
airsoft goggles :
airsoft M16 :
airsoft P90 :
airsoft ammo :
airsoft desert eagle :
airsoft grenade launcher :
airsoft L96 :
metal airsoft guns :
airsoft M14 :
airsoft FAMAS :
airsoft claymore :
airsoft SCAR :
airsoft gear :
airsoft guns :
Shot Show :
airsoft G36C :
best airsoft gun :
electric airsoft pistol :
airsoft machine guns :
cheap airsoft guns :
co2 airsoft pistol :

airsoft AEG :
electric airsoft pistol :

We hope you'll like this new feature.


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