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SB-199 update: Los Angeles City Council have amended a resolution to state that they will support SB-199 under the condition that the bill is amended for true public safety, promotion of jobs, promotions of economy and without confusing law enforcement. The industry continues to work with the legislators in coming to a reasonable resolution. Thru our lobbying efforts, our voices are heard. Our goal, after-all, is to promote safety (reminding the public to treat Air gun / Airsoft with respect and seriously), not to provide a false sense of security (making them look like toys, confuse the public with a false sense of security and especially when millions of real fire-arms are colored). The entire industry is working very hard. Please urge everyone to contribute to our proactive approach in working with the legislators, in keeping our industry in California.
The millions of Airsoft and Airgun owners, over 10,000 jobs in California, the Airsoft Industry that resides in California (90% of the industry), 100000+ police officers in California, and 500+ business (100+ in Los Angeles City); shouldn't have to suffer because of a handful of individuals violating current law. For a fact, all police officers we spoke individually to have voiced that if this law passes they wouldn't know how to do their job.
Airsoft is among the safest of all sports when it comes to rate of accidents vs. number of users as a 40+ year old tradition. (Air Gun has been around for almost 200 years).
We should focus on education, rather than asking the users to treat the products less seriously for no justified reason.
The "colored" real-firearm industry has grown since over 10+ years ago. It is a fact that thousands of them exist.
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