AAR: Airsoft in the Pines - February 22, 2014

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I drove up to Pollock Pines, CA with Ricky a member of Team Elvis from Yuba City, CA to participate in the bi-weekly Airsoft Mission Day Airsoft in the Pines.
Upon arrival I was very shocked to see that over 90% of the trees and ground cover had been cut down and removed. This was no way near the original field I fell in love will many months ago. Needless to say I was quite disappointed with the situation.
Both Ricky and I came prepared to play the Sniper role and I had brought my newly built DMR M4. Ricky and I looked at each other and said to each other that this was not going to be easy with the lack of natural cover. The organizer of Airsoft in the Pines had been busy placing pallets and old tires for cover in the center of approx. 9 acres of total gaming area.
I started my day using my Sniper and was quite successful in the first few scenarios with many kills to my credit. I had Ricky in my sights on many occasions due to the simple fact that he was on the opposing team. Ricky was a tough target and a very good Operator. After about four scenarios I switch over to my M4 DMR and continued to have great success with the very limited and short in height cover.
After the lunch break I switch back over to my Sniper and played the day out with a high body count.
In conclusion with the drastic changes to the field resembling a paint ball field not an Airsoft field my body count was high and my weapons proved to be efficient and workout very well. The biggest high was that Ricky for his first time to Airsoft in the Pines had a good time.

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