Helicopters, Firefighters, and more..Airsoft helps 1st Resp.

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Paramedics and EMTs, most of them firefighters as well, gathered from around the nation to compete in the US's only 24 Hour EMS Competition hosted by Flagler County Professional Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 4337. Teams faced 10+ challenges throughout a 24 hour straight operational period that included gunshot wounds from a bank robbery, casualties from a mortar strike, victims on a house fire and more.

Mind Game Productions, a Mil/Sim Event company, along with Merlin's Blog Spot, provided actors to portray Military Personnel in the Mortar Strike scenario. All the actors volunteered their time to provide high quality training to these mean and women who server as first responders in our communities.

The scenario required teams to be flown to a Forward Military Hospital by Helicopter (Flagler County's Fireflight), where they would treat a variety of patients WITHOUT their normal equipment that they carry with them in medical bags. While equally profecient in their fields, civilian paramedic's equipment varries greatly from that of the military, and of course it was only the military's equipment that was available to them.

After all was said and done, teams from both the EMS side, and our Mil/Sim side enjoyed the experience and learned greatly from one another. This is yet another example of how Airsoft can provide valuable training to the Men and Women who serve.


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