AAR Mission Day March 8th, 2014

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A great day at Diamond Corps' Drake Field. I brought both my M4 DMR (FrankenRifle) and my Sniper (Black Pearl). I first was in the DMR role for the first scenario and the OpFor had to take me out of my 'nest' with a grenade. The second scenario I decided to take out the Black Pearl. I had a perfect nest overlooking the north east side of the village. I was so well hidden my own team was tripping over me...lol. The fight was fierce and the team work was exceptional.
Both of my weapons and my skills proved to be a force to be recon with.
The weather was good and we had close to 30 operators in attendance with varying styles and models of weapons.
Drake Field is one Mission Day I look forward to each month.

the Main Photo is of me on the third floor of the 'Silo'. Just after this photo was taken I went into the prone position and played some havoc on the enemy until the grenade blew up just over my head...

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