AAR Mission Day March 9th, 2014

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Keywords: Sniper, DMR, Yuba, City, Team, Elvis, Shanghai, Field

Mission Day with Team Elvis at the Shanghai Field. I continued my second day in a row of Airsofting by bringing out my DMR and my Sniper. First scenario was a attack and defend. I was on the defending team and I took out FrankenRifle (DMR) and took the high ground deeply entrenched atop a hill that overlooked a majority of the field in front of me. I had a great squad with me and they watched the sides and flank. We ended up taking the scenario with many skirmishes with the OpFor.
The second scenario I took out the Black Pearl (Sniper) and the team was on attack. Being a Sniper I sometimes feel 'naked' or vulnerable while being on the move, even with a good squad. I finally found a nest to get myself into. While being in my nest I took two of the enemy down with head shots, a good sign of a good sniper. Ultimately I was located and was taken out by a squad of three OpFor.
Over all a good day of Airsofting for this DMR/Sniper!

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