AAR Mission Day March 16th, 2014

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Mission Day with Team Elvis at Shanghai Field. We had 18 Operators in the field this day. First scenario was Attack & Defend. The first scenario I took a squad out of four including myself. After being on patrol and flanking the OpFor for nearly an hour I have to say this was one of the best squads I had the pleasure to work with in a long while. Unfortunately as we were just starting to double back to seek out the enemy we were cut down by the OpFor squad we were looking for. If we had only moved out from our position as little as 30 seconds sooner we might have survived. Thank you to a great squad.
The second scenario I didn't have the same squad that I did previously. I was in the DMR role once again, I had good cover and a decent view. Communication was not the best even with comm. Lets just say my second scenario ended quickly once we started to engage the enemy.
The best part of the day was we had new people from two different teams and locations of the area. A good day of Airsofting was had by all.

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