Diamond Corps' Drake Field Review

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I started my Airsoft gaming at a very special field, Drake Field in Browns Valley, CA. Diamond Corps home field is just under 10 acres and it has something for everyone.
There is much battlefield variety with the constant improvements, and the ever changing terrain. The seasons change this field from heavy cover in the spring, drier conditions in the summer and fall to rain and snow in the winter.
The terrain is only part of what makes this field special. Diamond Corps is continually adding more and more buildings, foxholes, obstacles, hideouts and more. There is nothing like the CQB intermixed with the rugged terrain, it makes for very good tactical Airsofting.
One of my favorite areas in one side of the field is the more than 150 feet of trenches that come from one of the 'headquarter' buildings. This makes for great trench warfare.
One of the greatest areas that Diamond Corps has included is a wonderful ready area that includes benches, chairs, work tables, shade and most importantly a rack for your weapons.
If you ever get a chance to Airsoft at Drake Field you won't be disappointed.
I personally consider Drake Field my 'Home' field.

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