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Members must be 18+ year of age of age.
Members must have reliable transportation to Events and mandatory practices.
Members must meet gear requirements.
Have full seal ANSI Z87.1 goggles.
Have a skirmishable airsoft replica. Stanag Mag compatible guns preferred. (At discretion of senior members)
Must use Midcap magazines. (With exception of support weapons)
Must have Multicam uniforms.
Members must have Tan or Multicam gear/rigs. (At discretion of senior members)
Members must have ankle supporting boots. (At discretion of senior members)
Member must meet Executives Code of Conduct.
I will hold myself to a high standard of behavior for the betterment Executives Airsoft and the Pittsburgh airsoft community
I will not compromise the safety of myself, others, and I willingly uphold the safety standards set out but the host field.
I will never purposefully cheat in airsoft and not calling myself out when hit.
I will never purposefully start a physical altercation with any team member or other player.
I will always treat the playing field and venue with the utmost respect and will not vandalize or litter.
I recognize that the sport of airsoft is sensitive in nature and I will not do anything that will negatively portray the sport in the eyes of the public, law enforcement, or the media.
I will follow the Chain of Command set by an event and its organizers.
I will not partake of any substance that will impair my judgment before or during play.
Prospective recruits must go threw a Trial Member period.
Trial members must follow Executives Code of Conduct.
Trial members periods can extend up to 2 months.
Trial members do not have to completely fulfill team gear requirements but cannot become and official member until they are fulfilled.
Trial members must attend all team events and mandatory practices. (Unless instructed otherwise by a senior member.)
Trial members must fulfill all team requirements as well as be approved by senior members to become an official member of Executives Airsoft.


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