What Gear Do You Really Need For An Airsoft Match

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Airsoft is a thing not all people are familiar with. It is a sport which has become more and more popular. It is one of the new things young people started enjoying first but nowadays it has become one of the things also older people like. It means that more and more people find themselves becoming familiar with this sport. Airsoft is the more updated version of cowboys and Indians and somehow resembles a military game where you actually have to use speed, agility and plan things. It means putting on especially created airsoft gear and shooting each other with non-metallic pellets. The guns resemble real guns but the airsoft gear does not allow anyone getting injured by the pellets and they contain colour. The winning team is the one that takes out the other team by shooting all the members of that team, because when you are shot, you are marked as dead. Taking out the opposite team can be great fun and can teach people planning and tactics.

It was created in the 70s and it was born in Asia – Japan. It then spread to other Asian countries and a decade later it spread to other countries, namely United Kingdom. Even though the guns were designed as much as real guns as possible. But after the sport was introduced in other countries, it has become a pure recreation sport. This also means that the guns have changed and the gear has changed to be available for everybody and accessible for more and more people. And this is what is happening. Teenagers have inspired their parents and all the other people to start exploring this sport and it has proven to be not only recreational but also great things for team-building which is also increasingly more important in the world.

The guns created for Airsoft have a mechanism for projectiles either 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter. They have been designed specifically for this purpose and they are easy to use and also comfortable while being in the field. The guns are produced in many companies in the world and most of them come from Asia, however, there are differences from place to place and from company to company. Although they roughly are the same, the amount of and speed of shooting is different from gun to gun which makes the whole experience different. It is also because every person has a different style of participating and doing the shooting in Airsoft. Different kinds of guns, however, also mean that in different places there will be different guns and you might have to spend some time getting used to the different gun. But for experienced players this is not a problem. Besides, there will be teammates to cover you if you find yourself struggling.

The Airsoft gear is also designed for this game only and has been designed to ensure your own safety. The guns meant for this sport are not designed to injure and even though the velocity of the pellets can be bigger than expected. They have been designed to mark you as invalid for targeting. This means you have been “shot”. The airsoft gear, therefore involves specially designed armour. This includes a necessity to wear goggles designed to be able to protect the participant’s eyes from the pellets. Goggles or glasses not designed for the game will break on the impact and you might get injured and this means that you have to be careful. The gear goggles might be ANSI Z87 which are rated for the exact velocity mentioned already before.

Another piece of equipment you will need to enjoy the game without long-lasting after-effects is a full-face mask. The mask means that your face is covered fully and there are not only the goggles protecting your face region. It protects your nose and your teeth which is also one of the important regions which could get injured if you don’t wear this piece of equipment. If you have a prescription for glasses, you might know how hard it is to get rid of the condensation of the lenses. Masks that have mesh screens will be helpful in this occasion because they help reduce the condensation and have more lenses that help you protect your face against possible fragments which could actually penetrate the mesh itself. Don’t forget, that if the day is really hot, masks will make you even hotter and you will either have to take water breaks or you will overheat really quickly creating health problems at that moment and perhaps for the future.

There are also other parts of gear and particularly armour. Clothing you wear is most often camouflaging to re-create the authenticity of a real fight. The places where this sport takes place are usually designed fields with a lot of places teams can hide and sneak up to each other, creating a good fighting field. Special half finger gloves make using the guns easier and more comfortable. There are elbow and knee pads to make the kneeling and falling better. Many different companies produce all these parts of the gear as well as different things for camouflage and other things, such as t-shirts which do not go into the gear itself but might be a nice touch to the game. There are also vests designed for the sport. They protect your upper body from other players and they are very handy because most of them have pockets for putting necessary things inside.

All this gear is available for purchase but if you have decided to go and enjoy Airsoft or make yourself familiar with the sport, you can always go to a place where the gear is available for renting. It means you gather your team, rent the gear and start enjoying this sport. There will be a person working at the range who will be able to tell you anything you need about the sport, will help you gear up and provide answers to practical demonstrations and answers to your questions.

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