Frontier Airsoft- KILL OR CURE (Disarm the bomb)

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Hi there everyone, been a while but still been busy airsofting and taking photos.

At the start of March we had a game called Kill or Cure where the game leads up to a very special moment in deed.

We all play many games where the objective is to plant the bomb and after a time a pyro goes off to show that the objective was destroyed.


In this story the final game had a bomb expert which was made to hold an area whilst a bomb was counting down which he had to disarm.

The Prop:

The prop itself was a small case which had a real timer connected to it with wires/phone.

If it was disarmed in the wrong way an alarm would go off to show that it was done wrong and a pyro would be set off to show end of game and that the team failed.

The way in which it could be disarmed was by having clues around the site that the team had to collect but there were duplicates.

Final Outcome:

In the story the team managed to find the correct information and the correct wire was cut in the right order. A good relief to the disarmer :)

Once again the photos included were taken at Frontier Airsoft UK

And taken by myself youngsharky (gaz Ward)


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