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News Provided by: Airsoft Gunfighter -

The evil lab rats at Patrol Incident Gear have created a pouch that has all the attributes of a soft nylon pouch, with precisely 45.3 million times the abrasion resistance. Yes, nearly the ENTIRE PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch (BmP) is made with webbing- in most places double layered- making it suitable for a lifetime of carrying and protecting your mags. Tipping the scales at only 2.4 ounces (2.8 oz for the double), the PIG BmP represents a combination of brutishly tough materials and advanced manufacturing and design that also appeals to the lightweight crowd. While making the PIG BmP can present numerous challenges to unskilled sewers, we've created a process for highly skilled sewers that overcomes traditional difficulties in closing a pouch made of webbing. The combination of webbing materials and double stitching on all four of the long corners on the pouch body creates strength that is unmatched in its class.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! (insert Shamwow sound effect) We didn't stop at the webbing and call it a day. When considering pull tabs we opted for one of the most expensive materials in use today- Hypalon. Besides it's awesome grip-factor, the sheer sex appeal of Hypalon alone makes the PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch an object of your AR15/M4 magazines' darkest fantasies. Before you know it you'll be binding several BmPs on your kit and inserting your magazines in and out repeatedly just to satiate its' desires. The PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch comes in 4 different colors (Multicam, Ranger Green, Coyote and Black) and two models- Single M4 and Double M4. The flaps on both the Single and Double BmP can be tucked into the body for an easy-access open top pouch. The small grommet at the bottom of the pouch allow water out while restricting dirt and debris from getting in. The Double Bomber Magazine Pouch features an internal loop of elastic that will retain your rearmost mag in the pouch for instant access even when the front magazine is removed. The PIG BmP attaches to your kit via two long Malice Clips which are included.

Lastly, we are offering a Bomber Warranty on this pouch for manufacturing defects on the pouch body. While velcro and elastic will inevitably degrade in function and abrasion may wear on the webbing, should the integrity of the pouch body be compromised during normal use, we will repair or replace the pouch free of charge.

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